Our firm maintains a “Yellow Book” compliant professional staff due to the frequent audit work for not-for-profit clients with federal funding. Many of our not-for-profit clients require Single Audits performed in accordance with OMB Circular A-133. Current Yellow Book audit requirements require specific continuing education requirements and a comprehensive understanding of a client’s business environment.

A thorough understanding of our client’s needs and the “industry” in which it operates is the foundation of every audit performed by Gauthier & Kimmerling. Every member of the engagement team is focused on meeting the client’s needs through participation in the audit planning process.

We have designed an audit approach that focuses on identified critical areas thereby enhancing audit efficiency.

Not-for-Profit Consulting
In addition to audit reporting, not-for-profits require guidance relating to governance, cost allocations, unrelated income taxation, mergers, shared services, and productivity analysis. Gauthier & Kimmerling maintain the knowledge and systems to provide assistance in all of these areas.

Emerging Business Consulting
New business start-ups require an appropriate time investment to ensure timely management information. This includes cash flow management as well as profitability reporting and benchmarking.

We recognize that productivity management and financial management are the basis for a successful emerging business and a key to obtaining required financing.

Real Estate Consulting
Landlords, developers and limited partnerships demand detailed management information to maintain expenditure control, occupancy levels and debt compliance. Our staff of trained real estate industry personnel can assist with providing the necessary systems to support your project.

In addition, Gauthier & Kimmerling specializes in providing audit services to low-income housing tax credit (IRS Section 42) real estate partnerships. Our staff is well-versed in the preparation of carryover agreements, “cost certifications” and tax reporting requirements unique to Section 42 projects.

Health Care Consulting
Health care providers have unique concerns. Third party reimbursement, receivable management, and productivity must be actively managed in order to achieve profitability. Health care experts at Gauthier & Kimmerling can assist your staff in achieving compliance and productivity to support effective health care financial management.

Tax planning and tax compliance is a concern of almost every individual and organization. In addition to tax compliance and reporting, our professionals can provide guidance related to important tax matters and facilitate decisions relating to:

  • Individual income taxes
  • Business income taxes
  • Estate, gift and trust matters
  • Not-for-profit reporting and unrelated business income taxation